How to Avoid Luggage Loss

Have you ever wondered what could be the worst possible start to a holiday? Or for that matter the most horrible end to one? If you re jogging your memory for answers, let me help you. Nothing dampens your spirit more than arriving at the airport and waiting at the luggage carousel for what seems like an eternity only to find your bag has gone missing.

Whether it is lost or misrouted, the bottom line is you ll have to do some running around to first report the loss and then wait for your bags to reach you safely. Since transporting luggage, once handed over to the airline staff, becomes their responsibility, there s only so much we can do to control its loss. However, here are some tips that ll help you avoid luggage loss and also assist the airline staff in tracking it.

Tag, tag, tag

I've mentioned this not once, not twice, but three times because it s that important to tag your bags properly. First, make sure your bags have a sturdy ID tag. If they don t, you can purchase one separately – the sturdier, the better. Also, it s better to tie more than one tag to your bag to maximize the chances of at least one of them making through the entire journey.

Provide Information

It's not just enough to have tags that are sturdy, you also have to fill them with your contact details – right from your address to phone number – in legible handwriting, so the airline staff can reach you easily. It also makes sense to put a business card inside in case your tags are torn or the information is not very readable.

Throw in Itinerary

Make sure you put a copy of your itinerary with details of your flights and destinations you re visiting inside your luggage. This information may prove vital in helping the airline staff track your bags quickly and efficiently if they re misrouted.

Use Identifiers

If you re not the variety to carry colorful bags that can be spotted from miles, then make your luggage stand out by using luggage identifiers. You can also tie colorful ribbons, scarves or tapes on the handle of your bags to make them easily identifiable.

Don't Check in Luggage

Although drastic, this is a fool proof measure against loss. You can avoid checking in bags by either taking only carry on luggage along with you or shipping them directly to your destination. With airlines levying fee on checked luggage, it should work out well even economically.

What to do if your it is lost?

You ll have to file a claim with the concerned airline within 24 hours to be eligible for reimbursement in case it remains untraceable. Also, you ll need to know what s in your bag because you ll have to list out the items to get reimbursed. Since airlines don t compensate passengers for valuables like jewelry, cash, watches, electronics, etc., don t ever pack them.

If the airline is able to track your luggage, they ll use the personal information provided on the claim form to get it to you. You can then go on to enjoy the rest of your vacation in peace!