Are you planning a camping trip for the next summer? Well, before you do, make sure to plan it the right way. So you can build a checklist of camping equipment that you will need during your stay outdoors. Your equipment can range from the things you will need for building a fire, to dining, cooking, and many more. This all depends on the type of camping experience you want to have.

The first is the minimalist type. The campers who prefer this type are willing to embrace the wilderness as it comes. They easily adapt to the weather conditions and terrain. They sleep on the ground rather than on cots. They prefer to make fire the old fashioned way, rather then with a stove. They carry small candles instead of lantern.

The next type of camper is more gear-oriented. People under this category want to enjoy some of the comforts of home even while outdoors. They want to be prepared for anything. Their checklist will include tables, chairs, stoves, cots and other conveniences.

Lastly, the camper that wants to feel like their campsite is their home. They would include a tent, camping stove, food and water, plastic sheets to cover the ground, a good-quality sleeping bag, an air bed under the sleeping bag, emergency blanket, pillows, cots, large plastic bins for storage, tent sealer, folding tables and chairs (preferably the light aluminum ones), stools.

The meals of gear-oriented campers may be elaborate. Bringing a stove is key, and some ice packs to keep the food fresh for later. Cooking at a campsite may require its own list of equipment. Can/bottle openers, cutlery for food preparation and serving, dishes, extra fuel or charcoal, dish rack and detergent, coffee maker, cutting board, colander, thermos, storage containers, paper towels, napkins, trash bags and aluminum foil are many of the items that will come in handy.

Lighting up your surroundings at night is important, especially if you have children in your group. Carry flashlights with extra batteries. If you have hiking in mind bring a compass, travel guide, map, comfortable shoes, extra socks, pocket knife and a hat.

Remember, carrying the right outdoor equipment will ensure you of a safe and enjoyable trip.